Sunday, September 25, 2011

Honda Rebel Cafe Racer

It all started MONTHS ago. I was pregnant. We were clearing out the third room for the baby's stuff. I was packing away old pictures, and I came across a photo of me with the motorcycle my parents gave me for Christmas 14 or so years ago. It was like a 1978 Kawasaki. It was blue. And it had a ginormous banana seat.

I wanted a cruiser. A mid-eighties Honda Rebel. Preferably a 450, but a 250 would suffice.

I got a banana seat. I hated it, but it was a gift from my parents so I had to act like I loved it. Seriously, I hated it.

So when I bought my own bike, I bought a Rebel.


And then, like I said, a few months ago, I saw the picture of me with the blue banana boat bike, and I thought, "Huh. That's not so bad."

And then I saw a Triumph on the road, and I thought, "Huh. That's not so bad."

And then I saw another one. And another one. And each time I was genuinely surprised by my reaction. "Huh. That looks kinda cool." WTF?! No. Cafe racers are NOT cool. CRUISERS are cool. BAGGERS are the coolest.

What's wrong with me?!

And then today we were at Motoworld and got the opportunity to talk to our old friend Ray (aka Mike) and I admitted out loud that I really kind of like the cafe racer. And Mike said, "Check out the Kawasaki."

So tonight, Chris and I were Googling like mad the Triumph Bonneville, the Kawasaki version and "Honda Rebel Cafe Racer Conversion."

And after waiting over a year for my white bagger, I've asked him to build me a cafe racer.


Hopefully the cafe racer will be an easier task than the bagger and it'll get done before 2012...but hopefully my writing about it doesn't jinx it ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Don't tell my husband, but I think the greatest part of Our Two-Wheeled Adventure thus far is the friendships we've created.

From Salt and JohnnyBoy, to my newest friends, the Property Of's. The friends we have found, the friendships we have created are truly priceless.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating Angel's birthday. Forevermore, September 11 will carry a less somber meaning for me. It is the day to celebrate my Angel :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Again, I say, "Rejoice!"

I woke up thinking of the verse that says, "Today is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it."

Why? Because Season 4 of Sons of Anarchy is FINALLY starting!*

AND it's 90 minutes tonight! The commercials make it look soooooooo good! Will Jax really leave? Why is Clay fighting with everyone? Who will be the big bad enemy this season? Will Lila and Opie get married? Will Tig and Tacoma finally settle their 8-yr-old beef about Missy**?


And if you didn't know, Kurt Sutter has offered up a challenge for the opening tonight that is offers a HUGE reward.***

I'M SO EXCITED! Hopefully, my children will cooperate so that I can actually watch 90 minutes**** of uninterrupted television...

*Yes, I know, Psalm 118:24 is referring to the glorious day of the Lord. My intent is not to be blasphemous. Truly, truly, I have the utmost for the Highest.

**You know their beef is over a DOG, right?!! Makes me LMAO every time I think about it. Kurt Sutter is genius!

***And by HUGE reward, I mean GI-NORMOUS, People! Watching an episode of SOA AT HIS HOUSE! That means watching SOA WITH Otto and Gemma! Hello?! Do you understand the awesomeness of this?!!! Spread the word so that the numbers meet his criteria! See his blog for info:

****If you are a SOA fan, you should have DirecTV. It plays (in SoCal) at 7pm, 8:30pm and 10 pm.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011