Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daelen's First Picnic

Took Baby Dae (aka Peppercini) to his first biker picnic yesterday. It was hosted by the Urban Empire MC. Daelen was introduced to all the Aces, and of course everyone thought he was adorable :)

Yesterday was also the Royal Aces' Annual Memorial Ride for Fallen Aces.

All the guys who live in South County rode up to North County to meet up with the LA Aces. Then all the Aces rode south to Dennis Allen Park for the Urban Empire picnic. Then everyone rode north to LA for the Deuces dance. According to my husband, it was a great day :)

PS Learned yesterday that a non-Ace (I.E. me) cannot wear an Ace T-shirt that has the Royal Aces patch on it.