Wednesday, December 30, 2009

140 MPH Chase Ends When Sport Bike Runs Out of Gas

And another imbecile for the record books...

Hot Mess!

This lady, from Minnesota, and currently under arrest in Sturgis, South Dakota has broken a record that she probably shouldn't be too proud of...She shattered records for Blood Alcohol Count in South Dakota, and nearly broke the U.S. record!

Her BAC was .708 - HOLY SCHNICKEYS! The U.S. record is .72. SO CLOSE!

Marguerite Engle

The article from the Rapid City Journal, where we discover that the previous record in South Dakota was a mere .53. Way to go, Marguerite!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Black Out

Betty is in what Chris is calling the "Blackout" phase.

As you can see in The Evolution of Betty post, the bike was not so black in September. Every time I turn around, he is painting something on his bike black. Let me see if I can make a complete list of everything he has painted (not necessarily in chronological order).

Right side (exhaust side):
Blinkers (Front and Rear)
Exhaust (he actually bought that black)
Heat Shields
Air cleaner cover
Rail on the rear fender
Top of the engine
And the stripe under the seat is now red.

Left side (Which I call the "B" side):
Horn Cover
Rail on the rear fender
Top of the engine
Belt Cover
Derby Cover (he painted black and then later added a red "B")

I think that is everything. I am sure Chris will let me know if I missed something ;)

1730 (PST) Apparently, posting a photo of Betty on the Internet is inspiration for Chris to paint something...As I type, he is painting the spokes on his front wheel...Pictures to follow...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Broussard's Bike Betty

When Chris got the 3B's bell, I thought it stood for Mrs. B, Mr. B, and Bikes. As it turns out, it stands for Broussard's Bike, Betty!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Roughnecks MC San Diego

He has finally done it! Chris has put in an application to prospect with a Motorcycle Club.

Remember I said it all started with a documentary on the Hells Angels? Well, it has been a long saga of researching clubs, starting clubs, and not picking clubs ever since.

Truthfully, over the last 11 months, we have talked about so many clubs, I do not even know which came first.

(I know there was a brief hang-around period with the VFW MC in Lemon Grove there are even pictures to prove it). I know there was serious headway in starting the Irons Spades until a riding club in MN took the name. So then the Iron Spades became the Unseen (also sometimes referred to as USHRFIST). And then there was a Boozefighter phase.

Discouraged with other peoples' clubs, the guys got serious about starting their own club. They researched, they wrote some by-laws, they had the center patch and the top rocker all worked out. And then they found out how much it would cost to actually get the patches made. Estimates were anywhere from $500 to $2000 for just ten patches!

Enter stage left: Roughnecks MC. Out of nowhere, Jason suggested to Chris and James that they check out the Roughnecks, a group of public servants that ride together whenever they get an opportunity.

Chris and James attended their December meeting, had a Q&A session with the President and the Sargent-at-Arms.

And today, the guys emailed their packets to prospect to the President.

It will be approximately six months before they are eligible to be full-patch members. I'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: The boys are in :) Their first official meeting will be January 7. At this meeting, they will receive their "Prospect" patches!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

HSC85 Christmas Party

We all got cleaned up and went over to the Christmas Party for the guys' squadron. Ko did not attend :(

Martin put on his fancy belt and clean boots :)

Even James put on a button-up shirt - Tommy Hilfiger, no less! Fox donned a tie (Four-in-Hand knot courtesy of Chris, of course).

So, Chris and I were taking photos of ourselves, and Fox decided he wanted a photo of him and his "date." While James was preoccupied, Fox took the camera from me and tried to snap a photo of the two of them. Apparently, in the process, Fox put his hand on James' back and startled him. The end result? A photo of Fox's hair. LOL

Fox, Martin, Chris and James

James got a little drunk and might have been taken advantage of...

Fox wanted to be "cool" like his co-worker B.

The evening ended with a hilarious spoof on "Dick in a Box" by none other than funnyman James T. Slabaugh.

The sexiest man in the whole wide world

Have you seen Betty lately?

She's had some cosmetic work done recently.