Tuesday, March 30, 2010


This is totally selfish, but whatever, because it's my blog - I do what I WANT!

Tons of cool stuff has happened and been experienced on our two-wheeled adventure over the last couple months, but I am finally posting a blog, because MY bike has been customized :)

Sarah is so beautiful!

Chris has been bugging me for months now to "upgrade" to a bigger engine motorcycle. For whatever reason, I am just not interested. I don't want to spend thousands on a bike I won't be as comfortable on. Sure, it'd be nice to go a little faster from the line, but I don't NEED to, and I also hugely appreciate the excellent fuel efficiency of my Rebel.

So, I told him I would rather make the Rebel into a motorcycle I that looks like my mom's than spend thousands to get a bike like my mom's. I have always loved my mom's bagger with it's exhaust and apes...It's everything I would want in a motorcycle.

So, I have set out to make a Rebel bagger. My husband, who LOVES to modify motorcycles, was all in. The first step was the fishtail exhaust. It was tricky, but my husband succeeded :)

Part-way through the process, we started the engine and were a little disappointed in the dirt bike like sound, but when it was all said and done, Sarah's sound was no longer lawnmower or dirt bike. She has a full, even, throaty sound that I love.

HUGE Bravo Zulu to my darling husband and his friends, James and Martin, for the wonderful work on my bike!

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