Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Man! How Things Have Changed!

Our Two-Wheeled Adventure has been filled with a lot of awesome experiences and people and memories.



The Black Out

Betty and Sarah

Just to name a few :)

But nowadays, the bikes sit parked, collecting cobwebs and dust.

Chris last rode Betty in September 2012, when her battery died and then it got cold. This past Spring he had knee surgery which prevented him from even considering riding. And then he just had another surgery last week. His body may be capable of motorcycle riding next Spring. Just not sure how much work Betty will need after sitting over two years...

Me and Sarah, well, that's the shortest long story I ever told...Chris doesn't like me riding. He has great fear of something happening to the mother of his children. (Kentucky does seem to have a lot of motorcycle accidents, but I was unable to find data to back up that perception.)

Anyway, Our Two-Wheeled Adventure seems to be on a break...At the very least, our adventures in Southern Californa are over. There are so many things I didn't tell you! Cycle Saturdays, Parties with the Property Of's, JohnnyBoy got married and is having a baby!

It was a WONDERFUL adventure while it lasted. Hopefully, our motorcycles will be ridden again someday. Maybe my husband will actually let me be a passenger!

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