Thursday, November 26, 2009


We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this year! We invited over some friends, and I cooked my first ever Thanksgiving meal.

All the guys showed up around 2 pm and quickly started customizing James' bike. (Apparently, Chris' need to paint whatever he can does not stop with his own bike...)

BEFORE It takes a lot of blue tape to spray paint the headlight, blinkers and tail lights on a motorcycle. But how many bikers DOES it take to put the tape on?!

The Rocker didn't actually get finished until the next day, because James had to buy green paint for the grenade-like starter. This next picture I took was approximately 2 seconds too late. James unveiled the green horn cover and all four guys had a look on their face like, "Wow. That is the coolest thing ever."

Finally, around 5:30 dinner was ready. Ko made gravy and helped me set out all the food. The gravy was FABULOUS, by the way.

Chris carved the turkey.

James and John ate.

Me? I just looked good ;)

Lisa showed up and we taught Martin how to play Blackjack.

Mike and Channing showed up and played poker with us. I'm not sure why, but I don't seem to have a photo of my ChaCha :( She was SUPER cute in her polka dot dress and her brown hair!

And then around 1 AM, the lap dances started. What's Thanksgiving without a lap dance, right?!!

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