Monday, November 30, 2009

Cook's Corner 11/28/09

We finally convinced Martin to join us on a run up to Cook's Corner. Unfortunately, it was raining. Never deterred by weather, Chris, James, Martin and I hopped in the Pony and made our way up there.

Because of the cold and rain, nothing was doing at Cook's on Sunday. We did have a great lunch though.

We checked into an excellent motel, the Irvine Suites, and then headed out to Big Shots for some billiards.

Martin got to go to a bar!

Who has a better butt?!

We woke up Sunday to gorgeous weather, so we took Martin back to Cook's. There were more bikes there than on Saturday, but unfortunately Martin had to work that afternoon, so we had to jam out.

I did get a couple photos of some old bikes.

All-in-all, excellent road trip!

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