Friday, August 28, 2009

Our First Ride

I know I'm jumping ahead in the story, but I have to share with you this most awesome moment Chris and I have shared thus far.

Finally, we were alone with the opportunity to ride our motorcycles together. Finally, we had the chance to get on our bikes and R I D E ! ! Just the two of us. Free. Wind in our faces, free.

It was so very much fun!! I'm not much of a descriptive writer, so my words truly cannot describe the fun, excitement, joy I felt riding with my husband on our motorcycles for the first time. I didn't take any photos of us, because we were short on time.

Brytin had his first day of school Aug 17, and so it presented us with some alone time. After dropping off Adrienne, we went back to the house. Chris was planning to wash the bikes - mine was filthy from sitting, his was filty from riding.

Around 11:00, Chris got a call from work saying that he had to go in for a minute. My hopes of our first ride almost vanished. But, ever awesome, my husband was able to go into work and get back in time for us to ride for a short while.

I haven't ridden much since getting my bike, especially not on the freeway, so I was hoping to gain some experience (read: confidence) by following him. After all, if I was following him, I couldn't very well chicken out!

So, we set out on Jamacha Boulevard and then suddenly were on the 125 going North. Oh my gosh - I was driving my little itty bitty motorcylce 60 miles per hour! There was so much wind, so much more to think about! But I did it :)

And then we went East on the 94. At this point, I passed him going 65 ;)

We took Old Campo Road for a spell which is a few miles of relaxed curves. It was so much fun! Sometimes, he would lead and then I'd gather some courage and pass him. Sometimes, we would ride side-by-side and then he would taunt me by reving his big bad ass Harley and zooming way out in front of me. I felt like we were in a relaxed game of cat-and-mouse. Not only exhilarating for the soul, but also for the marriage ;)

After a short while, Chris realized we had to go back because we had to pick up BooBoo from his first day of school (Wow!). With no warning what-so-ever, he took a left turn :( I recovered well and then led the way back home.

I couldn't stop smiling!! We bought our motorcycles in March. Due to logistical reasons, we have been unable to actually ride together. Finally! Aug 17, 2009, we shared our first ride. It is a memory I will never ever ever forget!

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