Sunday, August 23, 2009

Helmets For Sale!

We found a really great website for inexpensive motorcycle gear:

The first things we bought were helmets for the very low price of $35 each. My half-shell helmet has a carbon fiber look; Chris ordered a German-style flat black one.

They arrived very quickly. ( is seriously awesome.) We were so excited when our boxes showed up! I remember thinking that we were about to share a really cool moment – our first step towards becoming motorcycle riders!

And then Chris tried his helmet on.

My cool bonding moment was forever ruined. Not only was his helmet too small, but the German-style did NOT match his face shape. He was very disappointed, and I instantly felt guilty because mine was perfect :) (I’d show you pictures, but he probably would be mad at me.)

So, we got on and ordered another one - flat black half-shell. Unfortunately, Chris refused to change the size he ordered. So, eventually, we ordered him another one. Exactly the same helmet – flat black half shell – just one size bigger. Finally! Chris had a perfect helmet! Woo hoo!

In the meantime, I came up on a full-face helmet for myself (for free) that is currently collecting dust on the “helmet shelf” in our linen closet. I understand that a full-face helmet might save my brain in the event of a crash. I understand that safety is important when endangering your life on a two-wheeled adventure. (We’ll debate the contradiction between having a helmet law and allowing lane-splitting later.) But honestly, I do not know how people wear those things. They squish my cheeks, they cut off my peripheral vision and I cannot hear ANYTHING going on around me. How can I be safe if I am repeating the chubby joke over and over in my head because my cheeks are so fat? (My name is Chubby. My mommy is chubby, my daddy is chubby – even my puppy is chubby! Haha Just kidding.) But seriously, if I cannot hear the cars that are threatening to cut into my lane, and I cannot see them because my vision is impaired, I do not think I am safer wearing that helmet.

And then, started to sell the slimmed-down, barely legal, hardly going to save your noggin version of the half-shell (or so we thought). Chris has been pining for one of these for quite some time, but they usually cost around $120. So, we ordered him another helmet – flat black, of course.

It arrived the next day or so and SURPRISE! It looks exactly the same! There might be a quarter-inch less padding, but the visual effect is EXACTLY the same. And since Chris once again did not want to order the bigger size, it just does not quite fit him.

So…were you keeping track? We have SIX helmets! Thankfully, our six helmets did not cost as much as one expensive one, but I do not have room in my house for six helmets. Anyone want to buy a helmet?

The Helmet Shelf (the one Chris wears is not present)

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