Monday, December 21, 2009

Black Out

Betty is in what Chris is calling the "Blackout" phase.

As you can see in The Evolution of Betty post, the bike was not so black in September. Every time I turn around, he is painting something on his bike black. Let me see if I can make a complete list of everything he has painted (not necessarily in chronological order).

Right side (exhaust side):
Blinkers (Front and Rear)
Exhaust (he actually bought that black)
Heat Shields
Air cleaner cover
Rail on the rear fender
Top of the engine
And the stripe under the seat is now red.

Left side (Which I call the "B" side):
Horn Cover
Rail on the rear fender
Top of the engine
Belt Cover
Derby Cover (he painted black and then later added a red "B")

I think that is everything. I am sure Chris will let me know if I missed something ;)

1730 (PST) Apparently, posting a photo of Betty on the Internet is inspiration for Chris to paint something...As I type, he is painting the spokes on his front wheel...Pictures to follow...

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