Sunday, February 13, 2011

Motorcycle Clubs at Aces' Picnic

BIG BIG BIG thanks to all the motorcycle and social clubs that came out to support the Royal Aces of San Diego at our Annual Picnic! (I believe it was the 24th Annual. It was Pepper's first.)

I tried to take pictures of as many patches as I could, with the intent of showing them off on my blog. Unfortunately, there are over fifty, and I am not presently interested in sitting at the computer for three hours loading pictures.

These clubs are listed in NO particular order, other than the order I took their pictures in!

Black Sabbath
New Breed Black Sabbath
Ebony Rider
Chosen Few
Unconditional Riders
LA Rattlers
Magic Wheels
Rare Breed
Black Hawks
RoughBreed Riderz
Clown Show
Liberty Riders
Top Dawg Riders
Final Option
Flaming Knights
First Four
Hub City Riders
Buffalo Soldiers Ninth and Tenth Calvary
Buffalo Soldiers
Great Kings of Africa
Brothers of the Sun
110 to the End
Wolf Pack Ridaz
4 Horsemen
Hawg Riders
Kings of Cali
As One
Blue Flames
Silver Star
Head Hunters
Ruff Ryders
Downaz Rydaz
Rolling Queens
Stilettos and Chrome
Divided Time
Endangered Species
Magnificent 7
Wolf Pack
Hogg Life
Iron Essence
Ghetto Fabulous
Ghetto Boyz
The Jet Set
Original Route 66
Steel Twistin'
And one more club whose letters I cannot read:

Please note: Some of these clubs had multiple chapters present. I was not able to keep tally of all that. Maybe next year :)

Social Clubs:
Heart 2 Heart Compton Social Club
Lady Zodiacs
Sisters of the Sun
Children of the Sun
Lovely Ones
First Ladyz
Hi Desert Diamonds
Charlie's Angels
Lady Dragonfly's

Thanks again to everyone who came out!

I was able to get a video of when the Deuces rolled in...

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  1. According to Salt, that last club is "CFL" or "Cousins for Life."