Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sturgis 2010

As part of Road Trip #932 from Cali to MN back to Cali, Mom and I drove through Sturgis, hoping to show Brytin a million motorcycles. Our plan was foiled. First, because we spent too much time in Mitchell.

Second of all, because we spent way too much time in Wall.

Then we stopped and looked at the river.

And we saw some really cool clouds in Rapid City.

My mom, who went to the rally every year from like 1980 to 2005, showed me around. (I went there once as a child, but mostly remember stuff outside of Sturgis.)

I bought Chris and my dad a T-shirt, and a gift for James and Johnny. Mom and I each got a pin. Brytin, unfortunately, slept through the whole thing :(

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